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Secret Charm

© Teemu Kyytinen

Choreographer Anu Sistonen and dancer Jonna Aaltonen have been working together for more than a decade. This new solo "Secret Charm" is intended as a celebration of their long and fruitful co-operation.

"Secret Charm" is a research project examining being a performer and a dancer: after twenty years of professional experience what is at the heart of performing? Can you hide your personality behind the movements or behind being a dancer? How exposed and sincere can you be in front of the audience?

Some of the themes examined in this work include the question of society's demands for efficiency and productivity and the link between these and tolerance of performance pressure. Also the question of the individual's longing for a more simple life - finding true presence and harmony is examined. During the working process the aim has been to create an atmosphere through movement. In the solo there are present both pure physicality of movement as well as a spiritual dimension. These diverse elements give spectators a good possibility to open their perspective and identify themselves with the performer.

The title “Secret Charm” is inspired from internal qualities everyone possesses but are not always easy to discover in our modern lifestyles.

For decors crumpled paper is used as a form of decoration and the costume similarly has a papery texture. This reminds the idea that the performer can be like used by the audience, who “dispose” of him/her and who can throw it away after it. That reflects how negative could be the society and the link between this and the dancer’s feelings.

The music for this work has been composed by Emre Sevindik (Luxembourg).